Economic Venture for Empowerment (EVE)


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The Economic Venture for Empowerment is a project started by the IBYEGlobal Foundation to create a place were young economically marginalized local people can learn some vocational skills, work as employees on completion of training and  make enough money to live sustainable lives and contribute to general economic growth by saving enough to start their own businesses. The funds that will be raised will be used to purchase the vocational training materials, cover energy consumption cost and partial allowance for resource persons.

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PROJECT LOCATION: Gyahadze, Central Region, Ghana



Our mission is to equip the local people of Gyahadze in Ghana with vocational skills and get them employed so that they can have decent works and contribute to general economic growth as they get to live sustainable lives. 

If this fundraiser is successful at least 40 people who are unemployed or doing indecent works like prostitution and robbery will get to learn skills that will empower them to live a more decent and sustainable life.

What exactly have you done so far? So far, we have been able to collect information on the current situation at the locality and consulted some stakeholders who are willing to help make this project established and run smoothly once the startup capital is gotten.

What specific skills, experiences, or personal attributes are going to contribute to your success? Skills available at the disposal of the team is, teamwork ability, tolerance, financial management literacy and  experience, project management skills with experience and the vocational skills know-how.


None at this time.


Adjoa Amponfi, Ghana


Dora Anokye Asare, Winneba Ghana


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