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Kienyeji Fix Farm is developing a disruptive Agro-innovative tool, the KUKU app, which will serve as a Fitbit for chickens enabling rural and last-mile farmers to increase productivity and thus, food security.

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PROJECT LOCATION: Machakos City, Kenya



Kienyeji Fix Farm's mission or drive is to provide richer agricultural information to rural and off-grid poultry farmers. Thus, promoting Food Security and youth participation in Agriculture across Kenya.

Mine is a personal story. Today, getting a job even with the right papers (in my case an undergraduate degree) is not easy in Kenya. I completed my studies in November 2016, and, two years down the line I haven't still landed one. This journey has been disheartening and for a minute I didn't see myself achieving my dreams. So, I moved from Town Centre (Nairobi) and went back home in the rural area. Here, I met a childhood friend who is passionate about poultry farming and we decided to start a business together. A few months after, I had learned all I needed to know about Poultry farming from my co-founder. I talked to parents about the idea and they offered me a space on the family compound. Without hesitation, we set up some structures and started off the business with just 20 birds.

We continued to gather more information from the internet and interacting with other local farmers.

The business was doing just fine until an outbreak of disease swept away all our flock. It really hit us and other farmers hard, bearing in mind that poultry is a major source of food and income for us farmers. It was a major setback, then it hit us hard the importance and the influential role of information in boosting productivity and disease mitigation in our local setting. Hence the birth of the KUKU APP. In this context, kuku is a Swahili word meaning chicken.

Our KUKU App will serve as a Fitbit for chickens offering fast and convenient Agricultural data of information to local farmers through instant messages to their phones. This ensures that we don't have to worry about tech-savvy individuals since they are catered for. We seek to deploy disruptive relevant technologies in the Rural and Last-mile communities. This way, we can alleviate Poverty, Food insecurity and extreme hunger cases.

The App also accurately provides crucial and timely data using it's Data collection feature as disease management techniques, how to feed the birds by gathering ground data. Using the data, it develops mathematical models and does calculations that help farmers know the best conditions to rear their poultry and why.

What exactly have you done so far? So far, we have operated our poultry business for an year. We have established a 84 percent product penetration in the local market compared to our competitors who stand at 60%. Secondly, we have begun training for youths interested in poultry farming and have registered 20 members. Lastly, we have put up more structures to accommodate more birds. We target to increase our capacity from 200 to 500 birds by the end of the year.

Most Importantly, we have been able to identify the right app developer who will be able to deliver the best results for us. We only require a down payment of $2500 for the developer to get our work started on. We also have an understanding that the rest $2000 will be paid upon completion of the work and our approval that the app looks and works exactly how we want.

Arrangements for the launching at Local Agricultural offices at Machakos are also complete - forecasted to cost us $2000.

What specific skills, experiences, or personal attributes are going to contribute to your success? My Co-founder, John Bosco, is a self-taught farmer from a very young age and is an active Agribusiness Consultant in our rural home. He has received a number of awards and certificates from Regional and National trainings as an excellent farmer.

On the other hand, I possess strong financial and administrative skills. I have been trained on entrepreneurship and finance by the Top Accelerator program such as Blaze sponsored by Safaricom, Nairobi Innovation Week, 2018 and the Tony Elumelu Foundation based in Nigeria. In Kenya, I have received strong recognition, awards and funding for my good work.


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